Scandal at PC Bank and infighting among comrades, causing PNP to rethink election plans !

The PNP is about to back away from calling an election this after the high of the recent strong performance at the World Championships.

The current discontent ripping the PNP apart and the opens wounds that have been created as a result have cause the PNP to rush back to the drawing board as it relates to calling early elections and catching the JLP off guard.

The Scandal now engulfing the PC Bank which has resulted in over $600m of poor people money being lost, is yet another blow to the image of the Portia Simpson Miller led scandal ridden PNP government, out the party election plans in a tailspin.

The problem is the PNP cannot wait until next year and the way things are unravelling now, its certainly not in their best interest to call an election at this time.

Party strategist led by A Stewart and PJ are at this hour trying to figure out what is best for the party and will seek to gauge the sentiments and the upcoming conference to confirm, the putting off of this years elections plans.

I say ” Call it Sista P, call it”.


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