Where are the PNP apologist, now that the party is being torn to shreds ?

The commenators and apologist for the ruling PNP have been exposed my social media and the current meltdown of the party.

During the JLP meltdown and infighting, all the so called experts were heard regularly  giving views on radio or writing about the happenings in the JLP, which over the years have been known to self destruct.

Today the PNP is in meltdown and the one reporter who dared to write about it was hauled over the coal by the ” girl from woodhall” who said he/she need to get their head examined, because there are no problems in the PNP, it was just great democracy at work.

I guess they are afarid of the deadly tongue of the one don comrade leader, who is not afraid to ” tek dem on not as d PNP but that girl from humble beginnings, who is black and from the people”.

This is a most inflammatory statement, but after 72 hrs I hear no condemnation from the usually very vocal analysts on Portia Simpson underhanded attempt to bring the issue of race and class into the lead up to the elections, when it was NEVER a part of any such discussions until she raised it.

Why people like Martin Henry, Shalmon Scott etal have not been all over the media chastising  the comrade leader for such an inflammatory speech?

I guess them only have strength for Andrew !


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  1. can Andrew Capitalize ?


    A low turnout marred a New York meeting that featured Jamaica Labour Party JLP Leader Andrew Holness.

    Less than 40 persons reportedly attended the meeting which was held at the Med Evers College.

    The meeting reportedly coincided with the reopening of school.

    Only a handful of persons were in attendance nearly an hour and a half after the scheduled 5:30 start.

    A Jamaican who attended the meeting suggested that more persons would have turned out if it was Monday or Tuesday when school was out in New York.

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