PNP to set up mediation team to address non-existent problems, like seriously

I don’t have no problem in my party. I am the leader, and I lead from in front, not [from] behind,” she insisted, adding that whoever wrote the headline “need to go to the doctor tomorrow (Monday) and check their head whether it is okay or not”.

She said that where there is a challenge within the party, there are discussions before a decision is taken.

“Let me make it quite clear: The People’s National Party is not like the other party. We have a system where the officers of the party meet if there are difficulties and have discussions — not just the party leader behave like a dictator.”

That was Sunday, September 13, 2015.

Today is Wednesday, Sept 16, 2015

The People’s National Party (PNP) says it is creating mediation teams across its six regions to address the problems that may develop among Comrades.              (  That Should read the “growing crises that is bedeviling the party” )

The move is in response to a number of public disputes involving Comrades and the seeming inability of the party to resolve them.

However, he says the party should have been doing more than intervening in disputes.

Burke says this is why mediation teams are now being assembled.

So let me try and wrap my head around this latest development.

  1. There are no problems in the PNP, so says the party leader. This was  a very decisive statement  by the party on Sunday, so why a mediation team would be required 72 hrs later, it could only mean one of two things.
    1. The party leader was so missing in action and out touch that she really did not realiase that the party was in turmoil, the worst it has been in over 70 yrs or
    2. The party leader lied or to put in mildly is in denial.
  2. We have a system in place where officers meet if there are difficulties and have them resolved. If that is really true than the PNP have an even bigger problem than I thought
    1. According to Burke this problem has been ongoing for 3 YEARS ! So if the party had a functional system in place , why was this issue not resolved in 3 years prior to the swfit action which took place 24 hrs ago.
    2. If a system is really in place int he PNP, why is there a need for a new system to be formulated by this mediation team which is being put together ?
    3. Was it that the officer were missing in action like the Prime Minister have been. If so why  not just replace the officers, why create a mediation team.

All the above really proves that the Prime Minister is completely out of touch with what is taking placei in the party and all this show boating now, is being done to make it appear as if she is leading from in front

Too late madame PM, the tide has receded and you have been truly exposed.

“Only when the tide goes out, do you discover who’s been swimming naked”


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