Raymond pays the “Pryce” for being a arrogant political neophyte !

So Raymond Pryce thought he could push the party into submission, while failing to recognize that a 70 yr old strong movement was not going to ‘bow” to a young and arrogant political neophyte.

Once Raymond’s supporters decided to take the noble institution to court, which was unprecedented, the party immediately took a decision that this would not stand and the die was cast to boot the young first time MP.

Portia said yesterday, that party matters are dealt with in a democratic manner and she is not a dictators, but less than 24 hrs later, she acted swiftly oust Raymond who paid the ultimate price for sheer stupidity.

I keep saying educational qualification does not make a person smarter, in fact I find in many cases, mnay in Jamaica lose sight of commonsense and reality.

We were told that the PNP executive meet yesterday Monday, Sept 14, 2015 to decide the faith of Pryce, but if you look at the date of the release, the man had already paid the Pryce for that stupid move from Saturday. Sept 12, 2015.

I bet no one will try that stunt again, given the very swift and decisive kick in the butt that Pryce got for this move.

No one dares challenge this girl from Woodhall as you will suffer the same faith.

Don’t worry Pryce, the party will find a position for you in some statutory entity once the PNP has secured another victory.

The PNP never really dumps its people.



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