Does any other comrade wants to challenge the authority of the “One Don” Comrade Leader ?

After facing mounting criticism about her lack of leadership over the last 3.5yrs and being blamed for the crises in the party, the comrade leader brutally put down a challenge by deputy General Secretary and NE St Elizabeth MP Raymond Pryce.

As one would recall Raymond Pryce took the party to court in direct contravention of instructions issued to him by the comrade leader and this was met with a swift and brutal response ” I am the party leader and I lead from in front”.

Raymond has paid the ultimately Pryce and is not out in the cold for the time being, but he need not worry, this move is another move by the party leader to give the impression that she is really in charge, but we all know who made the call for time put on Raymond’s career.

He need not worry however as unlike the JLP who when the kick you out, you are out, the PNP will find a way to bring him back into the fold very quickly.

Look for him being asked to run a committee or become part of a state entity very soon, before being apponited a senator once the PNP has secured another term in office.

PNP never leaves comrades in the cold.

Raymond Pryce will be back !


2 Responses

  1. All the problems in NE St Elizabeth are being done by Kern Spencer behind the scene and his cronies. Kern is VERY popular and well liked in that constituency. He knows how the people think and will let off when necessary to secure votes.

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