What did the Prime Minister say about Democracy in the PNP; Party leader ends squabble with brute force ?

Here is what she was reported to have said yesterday

The People’s National Party is not like the other party.  We have a system where the officers of the party meet if there are difficulties and have discussions, not the party leader behaving like a dictator.

She continued

“I want to respond just to the headline of The (Sunday) Gleaner … The People’s National Party is not a party where the party leader can be a dictator.  We have officers, we have systems and we maintain the principle of this noble movement.

“Where if there is a challenge anywhere officers meet, have a discussion and then they make a decision.  I am not a dictator, I am a democrat,”

Well I’ll be damned because less than 24 hrs after this statement we have this news report

Everton Fisher tipped to replace Raymond Pryce

Mayor of Black River and chairman of the St Elizabeth Parish Council, Everton Fisher, is tipped to become the People’s National Party’s (PNP) standard bearer for the St Elizabeth North Eastern constituency in the next parliamentary election, an impeccable OBSERVER ONLINE source has revealed

The OBSERVER ONLINE source added that an injunction secured by former Mayor of Black River Daphne Holmes, a Pryce supporter, barring the party from holding a conference to select a candidate in the constituency also incensed the party’s leadership.

As a result, party leader and Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller has stepped in to “resolve the matter”.


Huh, did the report just said the party leader STEP IN to resolve the matter. Really, what about the democratic process she spoke about after coming out of her comatose state. What about the

” I am not a dictator, I am democratic”

I guess all of that is hogwash madame PM , if this report is to be believed

As I have said, social media has exposed the PNP and now main stream media is running hard to keep up with social media, hence we see more and more of the fallacy of unity being exposed.


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