The Prime Minister awakes from comatose state, but now needs to have her head examined !

Earlier today, I wrote that the Prime Minister, awoke from a state comatose to find a dysfunctional and broken political party which is tearing itself apart in a fashion never seen before its is over 70 yr history.

I read the Jamaica Gleaner and the criticism levelled  at the reporter, but after listening to Nationwide this evening and hearing the ” Prime Missinger” , I am not only extremely  disappointed, frankly I am ashamed to call her my Prime Minister.

Portia Simpson tirade yesterday in the constituency is a reminder of what Jamaica should NEVER allow to happen to it again. No longer can we afford to have people like this  representing us either locally or internationally.

The Prime Minister sought to present the criticism about of lack of leadership as an attack on the poor black girl from woodhall who rose from humble beginnings to halls of power and  those people are simply badmind, WTF is that !

This woman needs to recognise that she is not above criticism and must stop use the old  poor black girl from woodhall line because frankly we are tired of it. If after 40 yrs in politics and two terms as Prime Minister she has continues to have low self -esteem , that is not our problem and she needs to go sort out her affairs.

It is clear that the Prime Minister went into state of comatose as a result of knocking her ahead and having now awaken and begun  to speak, it is clear she is the one have her head examined and not the reporter.

Had the Prime Minister not been in a state of comatose, she would have known that the entire country recognised that she had been missing in action for the past 3.5 yrs and the reporter was really just putting on paper what is a reflection of the society’s view.about her leadership or should I say the lack thereof.

Ashamed to call Portia Simpson Miller my Prime Minister.

Folks please go get registered to vote because frankly we cannot afford to give this woman another term in leadership of this country


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