PNP leader awakens from near ” Comatose” state to find a fractured party, now attempting damage control !

The Prime Minister who has been largely been  silent for the last 3 years and could have been considered to be a in comatose state, has suddenly awoken.

The Primer Minister and leader of the PNP, has awoken to find a PNP party in turmoil, with challenges being made against sitting MP’s in an unprecedented state of affairs, never seen before in the PNP.

The Prime Minister is suddenly more active in the last 2 months, than she has been in the last three years as she tries desperately to stop what seems like a runaway train in the party.

The party secretariat, the PNP and public commentators suddenly see the challenges in the PNP, not as a party in chaos, but in a great spin, it has been labelled not fractious as it would have been in the JLP, but democracy at work.

Am I to assume therefore that former Prime Minister PJ Patterson was not democratic and did not allow any sort of challenges on the scale we are seeing now , is it the comatose state of the current Prime Minister that has allowed small cuts to fester in open sores .

Today’s Gleaner reported the Prime Minister saying

” I hear them saying that I am missing in action, all who is saying that I am missing in actions, why them never say the same thing, when the JLP ( Jamaica Labour Party) having their problems. I don’t have any problems in my party, I am the leader and I lead from in from and not behind”.

This is a very loaded statement, which I will attempt to deconstruct.

  1. Obviously the Prime Minister is no longer in a Comatose state, because the above statement was in response to the Sunday Gleaner headline, which suggest that the spate of challenges in the party was due to her poor leadership. Recall this is a Prime Minister who had indicated just after she won, that she does not read the news paper or watch the news, Obviously that has changed because she addressed an issue raised in the Sunday Gleaner that very afternoon.  It means the Prime Minister is now well awake as elections draws closer and closer.
  2. The Prime Minister is asking ” why dem neva say the same thing when the JLP was having their problems. This can be interpreted in two ways.

# 1. The Prime Minister is acknowledging that there is in FACT a problem in the PNP, while trying to give the impression that there are no such problems in the party. In the Gleaner article she had further stated the following.

The People’s National Party is not like the other party.  We have a system where the officers of the party meet if there are difficulties and have discussions, not the party leader behaving like a dictator.

She continued

“I want to respond just to the headline of The (Sunday) Gleaner … The People’s National Party is not a party where the party leader can be a dictator.  We have officers, we have systems and we maintain the principle of this noble movement.

“Where if there is a challenge anywhere officers meet, have a discussion and then they make a decision.  I am not a dictator, I am a democrat,”

Now how on one hand you are saying there are no problems in the party, but on the other hand you are saying, when there are problems we meet and have them ironed out, these two statements are mutually exclusive.  Clear sign that the PM is not fully in a consious state after 3 years in comatose state.

#2 and more importantly is this statement which I am sure the JLP missed

When the JLP was their problems.

Is the Prime Minister acknowledging here. that JLP is no longer having problems ?

This is a very powerful statement by the leader of the PNP and the Prime Minister. She is in fact saying now that the JLP is no longer having problems, the media is focused unfairly on her party. The JLP can certainly take comfort in that statement.

The statement however is clear indication that the PM was in comatose state, because the ,media was lashing the JLP leader all during this time, suggesting he may not be the best person to lead the party. Truth be told Andrew Holness have been harassed and vilified by the media like no other leader in this country, so Madame PM, clearly you have been out of touch with reality.

I am sure PJ Patterson and crew are not happy about the state of affairs in the party and is urging the PM to cauterize the situation quickly because the party cannot go into an election this year, with this kind of situation facing the party.

Is the JLP in a position to gain politically from the chaos now engulfing the PNP, or dem still nuh ready yet.

Lloyd B already crying foul and is threatening to spill the beans, which I learn is ” lotto scamming” money used to out him, because he he “licking” out against lotto scamming.

The silly season is really upon us.


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