Anything the PNP touches, corruption sets in.

I hear PNP operative defending the loan given to Stanberry, indicating that he Stanberry is a registered cane farmer.

What PNP and its many operatives fail to understand is the issue of the appearance of conflict of interest in their operations.

If does not look good when an entity like the pc bank is going belly up due to bad debt and the management team happens to be the biggest beneficiary of loan, that were supposed to be made available for can farmers.

Comrades just don’t get it and frankly I don’t think the ever Will

The EU which funds the program has raised concerns about this very issue, but here comes Allan Rickards to talk about the silly season. With the greatest  respect Allen, that is pure, unadulterated bullshit.

This issue has nothing to do the silly season and truth be told, that particular comment is very silly.

You have jumped to Stanberry’s defence, but your own stewardship is questionable given how poorly the loans have been managed.

You should have remained quite, but since you have jumped in, tell us about the nearly one billion dollars that is unaccounted for?

I hope your response will be forthcoming coming very soon.


One Response

  1. Why ask questions of buffoons who will never change? Lol.

    Things won’t change unless change happens outside the spheres of governance (that includes the entire parliament including the opposition; but more specifically includes the governing PNP) to overwhelmingly influence those spheres.

    All that will really happen is that this will eventually be forgotten (Jamaicans have very short memories, which is probably why we do so well in activities like music (mainly a commentary on current events set to a melody) and running but generally more poorly in things that require a lot more cerebral thinking like long term business planning and utilizing past experiences in this planning).

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