PNP says its fully funded for elections, JLP struggling to find funds

When Mark Golding said ” Voting out the PNP in the next election would be madness” and ” The government has the private sector support”, I was one to quickly pour could water on both statement and attributed them to the usual PNP propaganda ahead of elections.

Having heard from Peter Melhado during the recent opening of (ironically) the salt factory, when he said the current stable economic climate facilitated his US$2M investment, I said ok then.

Yesterday, I listened to Richard Byles Co chair of EPOC say, the Prime Minister should not ” dilly dally” in calling the polls and that whichever government comes to power, the current macro economic program must continue, I further said OK THEN.

The few people who in Jamaica who are beneficiary under the current IMF no growth program are singing praises for the very government that put us in this position in the first place during their first 18.5 yrs wrecking job.

Truth be told, the Government has stuck to the task as outlined in the program, but I continue to ask, where is the growth agenda, what is, or will be done to cause the economy to grow and allow for  us to live a better life.

We  know in Jamaica, that each group only cares about its own interest and not necessarily that of the rest of the country. So if my sector is doing well, then the Government is doing a great job.

The PNP said yesterday that it is fully funded and if you juxtapose that with Mark Golding’s statement that the PNP has the private sector support, it can be assumed that the PNP election campaign is being funded by the private sector ( as it as always been). The bigg question is, is this being done at the expense of the employees in these companies and what do they get in return.

Will Andrew Holness still  hold on view that the JLP is NOT FOR SALE, which of course is an asinine statement, given that its always the private sector that provides the bulk of funds for political parties.

If the private sector is saying it will not fund the JLP election campaign because of its leadership, that leadership needs to recognize that money runs elections and he/she does not necessarily have to be the leader to part of a winning team.

Let me make that a bit clearer.

One must be very strategic in their thinking if you are going to defeat a much craftier opponent and one that is loved by the people. you must out think them.

If as party leader the business community is saying, I will not give money to support your campaign as the leader, then you MUST make a decision by asking the following questions.

  1. Is about me ?
  2. Is it about the party and the country?
  3. If i stay on a party leader, will that  hurt or improve the party’s chance of winning
  4. What is the main object of the party?
  5. What is my main objective?

if the answer is, its all about me and I must remain party leader because ” the party is not for sale”, then one can resign themselves to remain in opposition.

If its about the party and the country, then I must make a decision that will favour the party and the country, while putting aside my aspirations for the time being.

If I stay on as party leader and that is likely to hurt the party and reduce the possibility of winning, then once again I must make a decision, either a selfish one or one that goes beyond my personal goals.

What is the main objective of a political party?

If that is to be in power, then the decision about what I do given the current situation facing the party should not be a difficult one?

What is my main objective ?

If that is to be party leader, then so be it

If my main objective is to be on the winning side and that means I cannot be party leader, then once again the decision should not be that difficult.

Like Edward Seaga who was PJ trump card to election victory, so shall Andrew Holness be Portia’s and whoever succeed her trump card to victory.

Andrew Holness and the JLP needs to understand chess, that is a game that requires very strategic thinking and requires one to give up what appears to be sacrifices , which are really distractions to the opponent in order to secure victory.

In chess you sometimes have to give up certain prize pieces , like Rooks, or bishop, to throw off the opponent once you have already predicted his next likely move, which will see you winning the match. The most direct approach normally never gets you to your goal, which of course is to win.

If I were to use a an analogy closer to what most of us can relate to, it will become much clearly.

I am on a football team and If were to score the winning goal and my team wins, I get US$10,000 plus a share of the US$1,000,000 winning prize, to be shared equally among a squad of 20 players ie  $50,000 + $10,000  or US$60,000. Were my side to lose the team would pocket US$500,000 to be shared equally among all the players or US$25,000 each.

I get the ball just in front of the goal and I have two players to beat, which I think I can do and get the ball past the goal keeper.

I see Tom however has a clear shot at the goal, he is a good striker and if I pass the ball to him, I am sure he would score and the team would win.

I want that bonus $10,000 however and the fame that comes with scoring with the winning goal.

If you were in that position what would you do ?



2 Responses

  1. Nothing on the arrest of Don Creary, the former JLP Councillor from St. Mary? Why the JLP have so many rapists? Did you notice how the Gleaner and the Observer close down the comment sections on all the Creary articles? Are you part of the coverup Jay?

    Do you remember the other JLP Concilor that raped the man/boy and how that case was swept under the carpet?

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