Voting out the PNP in next election would be madness; Mark Golding

What would have driven Mark Golding, to make such a pronouncement?

This is unlike Mark Golding.
Is if that the PNP is picking up some “vibes” on the street that is suggesting that the party is in trouble?

Recall the last set of polls done in June, showed the PNP having closed the gap significantly on the JLP.

Since then there has been a number of challenges within the party, which is an indication that all is not well.

Now, how about this statement

” PNP has private sector support, when he speaks to the private sector they say a change of government would be madness”

The PNP is  shrewd party and therefore this statement is very loaded.

My feeling is not only that statement not one of fact, I beleive it was done to ” trick” the people to believe that the PNP policies are supported by the private sector . This could be a tactit to garner support since Jamaicans like running behind winners.

Will the private sector speak or hold their peace.

PNP seems to be in trouble !

Under the PNP we are always

  1. Turning the corner
  2. At a cross roads
  3. Poised for growth
  4. About to take off

Invariable nothing ever happens.

Folks choose wisely next time around


One Response

  1. Now it would be madness to elect the pnp. Jay, despite the improved level of confidence in the economy, this administration is still anti-business. They have done nothing to discontinue the levy impose on the bauxite sector and the Custom Act does not facilitate trade. You can look here

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