Is the Prime Minister still proud of her “suffering” children ?

Immediately after the exploits of our athletes in China, the Prime Minister was basking in their triumph  and boldly declare that ” I am proud of my children”.

Kayon Raynor last night carried an audio from Asafa Powell, L Green etal, who lamented the low level of support they receive from their mother, the Prime Minister ( she said they were her children).

Mr Green broke down in tears while speaking, when he related that two days before he was to compete, he received a text from his supervisor, asking when will he return to work.

You see folks, while the lights are shinning brightly, we all jump and shout praises, for those who manage to win a medal, but for those who did not medal, no one remembers them.

Asafa said ” he was tired of the promises made by successive government, so he does not even listen to them anymore”.  The fact is once the lights stop shinning, they are no longer remembered and for those who are not lucky to have major sponders ” dawg nyam dem suppa”.

I am sure the Prime Minister did not listen Kayon Rayor expose, after all there is no feel good moment in that, nothing is there to be proud off. If she is made aware of what is really going on in her Ministry ( She is the Minister of Sports), can she be really proud of her suffering children.

I guess the Prime Minister is on point in her ” we love the poor” mantra, given the very “poor” care , lack of love and support that we now realize she has been giving to her children.

What will the Prime Minister now do to improve the lives of her “children”.


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  1. Wha di…..?

    Dis is too much now. Two rank eediats featured in the media in the space of a week and the media is fawning all over dem liike heroes? First it was Paul “she started the consensual rape/child molestation” Stephens admitting to consensual sex in a country where sex outside of marriage is outlawed and falls under the categories of rape or adultery or maybe illegal fornication (Di bastard was damn lucky not to get 15 years in prison since he was in a position of authority over her having been left in charge of her and if the girl was under 16 he would have been executed…which might not have been a bad thing given how stupid he is, so stupid he doesn’t even realize he’s an idiot). And di media more fool-fool for not asking why di hell dis damn Jamaican-AMERICAN was busy pressuring our Ministry of Foreign Affairs and their embassy in Kuwait, when his OTHER country has an embassy in Qatar itself and has much better resources and influence with Qatar… critical thinking.

    Now it’s L Green bawling ’bout his supervisor asking him when he gonna come back.

    I swear, Jamaicans does be dense bwoy! Especially those in the media.

    Anybody stop to think that maaaaaaybe Mr. Green’s supervisor did ah ask him when ‘im ah come back ’cause Mr. Green did not inform di bredda of the days he was taking off fi be away for competition? Because clearly if he HAD informed his superiors then there would have been no need for them to ask him “when are you returning to work?”

    Seriously ppl, that would amount to pure slackness on Greenie’s part. In some o’ di ole work places I had co-workers who did go off pon competition (and for crap waaaay less profile than the World Championships) and dem did ALWAYS let the superiors know and sign off pon it. It was freaking common courtesy, plus normal work etiquette.

    And here we have a competitor crying over his boss asking him a perfectly normal question in di interest of the business. At least that boss cared enuff ’bout di business to find out and wasn’t so cold as to just seh “alright, watch mi and dah bwoy deh. When ‘im come back ‘im a come back fi NO job and find one next yute inna ‘im place!”

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