Delroy’s Chuck proposal, what does it really mean ?

I listened to Delroy Chucks recent presentation and I clearly understand what he is trying to accomplish, but my goodness , what was he really thinking and bout who.

What Delroy Chuck is trying to have done here, it to keep high rise apartment and townhouse  out of some of these affluent communities where the dwellings are usually single families. Having invested millions of dollars in their houses, they now find the empty lot next to them is being used to construct high rise apartment and house people who have now removed their privacy by being able to stare into their backyards unobstructed by the perimeter wall.

Rather than buying out communities like Vineyard town and other areas, the Government should instead look at zoning and determine the kind of housing than can be placed into certain communities.

What is needed is a comprehensive policy that speaks to people density ie how many people can occupy a certain level of land space in specific areas.

There is the issue of public transport, health  facilities, road network, garbage collection, provision of water and electricity supply etc that must form part of this planning process.

I agree with chuck about adhoc development and the need for a comprehensive reforms in this regard, but I will NEVER support the social cleansing path that he as seems to be suggesting.

One must however bear in mind that Chuck represents some very affluent communities and hence his views and suggesting could very well be the concerns of his constituents, who in many cases are classist and would rather not have working class people living in ” their space” .

What Chuck as done is once again give fodder to the notion that the JLP is for the rich and not working class and poor Jamaicans.


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