Health sector is shambles; Audit reveals PNP poor governance once again on show !

After almost 4 years in office and when added to the 18.5 years before , making it almost 23, what can Jamaicans says are the fundamentals things the PNP has done to make life better for Jamaicans, living in Jamaica ?

The PNP have had more opportunities over the last 26 years that any other government in our history to improve the standard of living in Jamaica, but what have they done?

The latest partially released summary report of the health sector shows the gross incompetence of the PNP, when given state power.

Just take a look at any sector in the country and name me one, that the PNP has either developed or set on the right track to take us forward, just name me one.

If I were to examine the various sectors this is what I would find

  1. Health sector is failing horribly
  2. National Security has become National Insecurity, crime is out of control
  3. Mining is going nowhere despite the many announcements of the minister of announcement
  4. Energy has gone now where under this Minister,with every energy project becoming an non starter. JPS however seems set to rescue itself from this errant Minister who has achieved nothing despite the length of his tenure at the crease
  5. Investment is virtually non-existent and the logistics hub has become the “logistics dud”
  6. Jamaica is dirty and stink, as the solid waste agency does not appear to know its job and are complaining they have no resources to get the job done. If you start a fire at riverton city however $200m will be made available to put it out.
  7. Manufacturing is dying, given the most recent release which shows this is the 4th quarter of decline in this sector
  8. The country is running out of water and people are turning to dirty sources like in some parts of Africa to get water.
  9. The dollar is running faster than Usain bolt towards the finishing line as it chances 200 having flown pas the 100 a long time ago.
  10. The government paid off a $1.5B loan with a interest payment of 1%, with a loan having an interest payment of 6.85%
  11. Public sector workers after 5 years wage freeze were given a huge increase of $4000 per month , because the PNP simply does not know how to grow the economy.
  12. Nurses are fleeing, teachers are fleeing, ordinary Jamaicans have become stowaways in boats as they seek economic refuge elsewhere.
  13. Many cops have become thieves .
  14. Poverty is on the rise
  15. Unemployment is on the rise
  16. Hopelessness in on the rise.
  17. The economy is not growing

All things that are NOT supposed to be rising are rising and all the things that are supposed to be rising are falling.

Were I to develop a mathematical model for the PNP and economic growth and prosperity it would be this

PNP is inversely proportional to economic growth and prosperity.

In equation form

PNP = 1/(Economic Growth and Prosperity)

This is translated as follows

As economic growth and prosperity increases, you have less of the PNP. As the denominator gets bigger PNP gets smaller.

If you now cross multiply the equation you get

Economic Growth and Prosperity = 1/PNP

This is translated as follows, the more PNP you have the lower is Economic Growth and Prosperity

Elections are just around the corner and the PNP will find over $500m to support their election bid to seek another terms, while hospitals have no medicine, no bed linens and operating theaters leak every time the rain threatens  to fall.

The full results of the health sector audit should be made public in the name of transparency ( was that not what the Prime Minister Promised)?

The failing report of the health sector is really a microcosm of what is happening right across every sector in Jamaica.

If you were to do a audit of the PNP as managers and stewards of the country, FAILURE would be the obvious results.

Jamaicans needs to ensure they make better choices the next time around. We can longer tolerate FAILURE as an option.

China is heading for economic slow down, which means the worlds economy will slow down. Given the PNP wretched performance in generating growth during the boom periods, we cannot afford to given them the reigns of power with a recession on the horizon, that would be economic suicide.

A dat me sejh


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