The best honour the government can give our athletes is a growing economy and low crime environment

The best and most sustainable gifts that the government can give to our wonderful world beating athletes are:

  1. An economy that is generating growth
  2. A stable dollar
  3. A low crime environment
  4. A better health system
  5. An upgraded sports college

An economy that is growing, will allow our athletes to remain in Jamaica and setup up business after the retire so they can continue to earn an income until they move into retirement.

A stable dollar will provided a  greater level of stability in prices, thus allowing them to keep more of what they earn in the country

A low crime environment would allow them to freely move about without the very hieghten concern about being a victim of crime due to their perceived success from a monetary stand point

An improved health system, will keep more of them here, rather than flying all over the world to seek medical treatment

An upgraded and first class sport college give them the opportunity to pass on the skills they have learned in a comfortable and structured environment, so we can develop even more world beaters in the future.

No need for any damn fanfare that will fade away after 24 hrs, fix the darned country and that will be enough !

I am sure the PNP cannot deliver on the above and will therefore seek the low hanging fruit or merry making, which have no long term impact, its just the way the PNP operates.



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