Not even an easy Ministry as Sports can the Prime Minister get right

History will record current Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller as one of the most inactive Prime Minister (on local soil) that Jamaica has ever seen and possibly one of the worst on record in terms of performance . [ She is a very active traveler 🙂 ]

This Prime Minister, as I have said before rarely speaks or contributes anything to this country no matter the crises that the country appears to be going through. She only surfaces from hibernation to open an building, to cut a ribbon or a break ground with a symbolic pick axe and helmet, for a photo op.

Apart from these appearance , the PM is neither seen or heard leaving many to wonder if she even present in the country.

The Prime Minister most recently resurfaced from hibernation to tell the nation that she is ready for  national elections and that her incompetent bunch of ministers must saddle up and get ready also, whatever that means.

The prime Minister rarely speaks in the house of parliament, but if there is a feel good moment, she will speak, so many were not surprised that she would have spoken on the opening of Parliament yesterday, given our athletic performance in China.

The Prime Minister as Minister of Sports was full of praises for our athletes, but due to the fact that she hibernates so much, she appears to have been unaware of certain things, which once again brings to fore her competence as Prime Minister.

She congratulated Danielle Williams for winning the women 100m hurdles, but appeared to be unsure in this regard and when she turned to get confirmation from her incompetent bunch of cabinet minister, she was “corrected” and told it was  110m hurdles and so she “corrected” herself by say 110m hurdles.

Well, those of us who are more aware than the Prime Minister, would have known that it is the men that runs 110m hurdles and the women 100 m hurdles. So the Prime Minister was correct the first time around but was given wrong advise by her ” advisers” aka cabinet ministers.

She did not stop there, she went unto to congratulate Shericka Williams on winning the bronze medal in the women’s 400m flat race. Now because the Prime Minister spends so much time in hibernation, she appears not to have been aware that Shericka Williams is not longer representing Jamaica, having transferred her allegiance  to oil rich BAHRAIN  in July.

The person who won the bronze medal was in fact Shericka Jackson should have been the one who was congratulated . Her ministers either did not want to show her up or themselves did not know any better and hence the obvious gaffe was allowed to simply go unchallenged.

Some people may say, why is Jay making a big deal out of this and this would have been my response.

The information presented by the PM was inaccurate and should NOT have been, because it was publicly available information and virtually mistake proof. If the Prime Minister, her speech writers and her ministers can all get this type of information wrong and present it to the public, then what about the information that we are not privy to and are relying solely on what the Prime Minister and her cabinet monsters are saying to us ?

I do not take this lightly, in fact I see it as a major blunder on the part of the Prime Minister and that of her Cabinet colleagues .

I am not for one minute suggesting that our PM is beyond mistakes, no she is human, but when she rarely speak to the Jamaican people and finally decide to speak to us, for heavens sake please make an effort to get it right.

We know of her blunder because we have access to information and that is why it is important that the government be transparent in what it does and provide full disclosure so the people can review and make their own determination of what is being presented.



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  1. Most people do ( did ) not know the difference, that is the 100m for the female hurdles. That is majoring in the minor

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