Is it the tough economic climate that is pushing cops to become criminals ?

Corruption, extortion , collection of bribes have been part of the Jamaica Constabulary Force ( JCF) for a long time, but the sudden surge of criminal activities in the JCF over the last two years is astounding.

The general consensus is the harsh, no growth economic climate in Jamaica today is pushing ,more and more Jamaicans into criminal conduct, including members of the JCF.

It’s all well and good to say a person should live within there means and find a way to live, but when  a man cannot put food on his table and cannot make ends meet, he will do whatever he believes is necessary to survive.

In the last 24 years, the PNP has failed to engender any sort of economic growth in the country, which has resulted in increased poverty, a reduction in our standard of living, increased criminal activities including murder .

The current IMF program which is being embarked and being lauded as a success, will not change much, except to build the confidence of the lenders, who will now be of the belief, that we will be in a better position to pay them back for the large loans they have provided us over the years or will provide in the coming years.

If the economy does not grow as has been the case under PNP leadership, where will the money come from to pay off these loans?

Successive PNP government have always failed to bring about economic growth and if the PNP were to be given another 3 terms in government, nothing would change in that regard, the fact is they simply do not know what it takes to generate economic growth.

I urge people to think carefully  about the choice they make in the up coming elections, because we simply cannot afford the PNP experiment, its been way too costly.

The JLP on the other hand continues to do everything possible to avoid winning the next election, which leave the people aka the voters totally confused.

The big question is, can the JLP get it together in time for the next elections, because right now dem nuh ready yet.


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