JLP is ready for elections , but has no source of financing , like seriously ?

The JLP continues the ” laughing  stock” of Jamaica and the ability to the party to do and say dumb things is astounding.

In today’s Gleaner it reported that campaign organizer for the JLP has dared the Prime Minister to call national elections in the next 6 weeks ” if she bad”. In the statement of the year. a real classic statement if you ask me, Mr Samuda was reported to have said

 all was in place[ for General Elections] with his party.but for financing

Excuse me, WTF  !

The center, the heart of any election preparation is financing, it runs everything, it makes things happen, so how can everything be in place if you have no money to run for elections.

I continue to be amazed at the ability of senior members of the JLP to speak about the stuff that does nothing to enhance the position of the party, but to hurt them instead, its beyond me.

I recall saying to a friend of mine,  ” Never you pay a security guard $300 per hour to guard $50m . because the inevitable will happen” .

I guess you can figure out what that means

These JLP people make Portia seems like Einstein to ra$$


5 Responses

  1. As both packs of jokers bicker internally, we have what may well be the first example of what happens when you have no money: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/JLP-caretaker-for-Westmoreland-Central-steps-down_19228080

    Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) caretaker for Central Westmoreland Faye Reid- Jacobs resigns as caretaker for the constituency. She is a financial consultant and reportedly cited “inadequate financial resources needed to mount her campaign in a bid to wrest the seat from the PNP in the next general election,” Apparently she was also dissatisfied with how the party handled her campaign in the rn-up to the by-election after Roger Clarke’s death.

    Now….when wan financial consultant done seh dat no money deh deh fi do anyting…well, it look rough!

    Maybe Samuda plans to print di money? Or maybe Samuda is aiming for a PNP win and den plan to switch parties…again lol.

    • Lol. Broke pocket people should not seek public office

      • Lol, Indeed. The funny thing is that I doubt Reid-Jacobs is a broke pocket person, but she smart enuff to know dat seeking public office with a bunch of people who are broke pocket will likely make her join their ranks as bruk-pocket rather than the other way around. She looking after her money first!

  2. Well the JLP won the elections, f@#$k you!

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