JLP always seem to choose the wrong public fights

The JLP appears to be a party with an uncanny ability to pick the wrong fights and those that does nothing to enhance its image in the eyes of the Jamaican public. I will use the two most recent cases to demonstrate my point.

Case #1

Fighting with Ronnie Thwaites about the”leggo beast” comments.

Apart from social media in particular Twitter , the Jamaican public clearly understood what Ronnie said and meant when he said parents should not send their leggo beast children to school and expect the school to “sort” them out.

Parents and teachers who comes face to face with these kids know, what he meant, what was required and really had no issue with Ronnie’s comments, as he aptly described the situation that currently exist in the school system.

The JLP folks  on the other hand appears to lack situational analysis and who spend too much time on Twitter , picked up what  Twitter people were saying and once again mistook their disapproval  as representative of the larger population. Buoyed by Twitter comments, they jumped on the back of Ronnie demanding an withdrawal of his comments and an apology, which he rightly refused to do before backing down and issue a withdrawal.

Since his withdrawal of the comment, the JLP was once again left naked, as with the withdrawal the controversy which existed on Twitter and in their heads was gone, but the issue of “leggo beast children remains the same, but there was no platform left to engage in any meaningful discussions in public.

Had the party decided to engage the minister, teachers and parents in looking at ways to deal with “leggo beast” , they the JLP could have gained some traction, but by focusing on the “withdrawl” of the word “leggo beast”, once that came, the wind was knocked from their sail.

Ronnie is one of the most loved Cabinet Minister and if you go after him you going after the very people whom he represents and appeals to and that is where the JLP keeps making infantile mistakes.

Case #2

Pilot who was sentenced to 5 years in prison for inappropriate sexual contact with a minor.

The JLP has been parading this gentleman as some sort of a hero and have seem to forget that the man was found guilty of a crime involving a minor in a foreign country

March 11, 2015 as reported in the Jamaica Observer

“A lot of them are being lured away, big man having relationships with [young girls]…grooming, profiling and taking advantage of them without the knowledge of the parents,” Holness said.


Now this was Mr Holness speaking about a crime similar to the crime that was allegedly committed by that pilot, but yet the opposition was pushing and bawling for the mans release from a foreign country  where he was punished for the very thing that Mr Holness was campaigning  about in Jamaica.

The incompetence of AJ Nicholson in the Foreign Affairs Ministry is well known and well documented, but that is not my focus on this piece, instead it the ability of the Opposition to choose public fights or battles that does nothing to enhance its image in public.

This pilot admits to have consensual  sex with a 16 year old, something that Mr Holness has spoken harshly about in Jamaica and has lambasted “big men” who he accuses of tricking young girls, yet her he is parading with one of those same men and beating his chest and telling us it was the maneuvering of the opposition that was successful in securing his release from prison in Qatar.

Does this mean the opposition no longer considers big man grooming young girls into sexual act a problem?

The danger here is the pilot can be considered to be someone from the upper middle income sector of the Jamaican society given pilots earning abilities and children who gets involve in sexual conduct with big man are most often from the lower socioeconomic sector of the country. So by going out on a limb for this pilot and knowing that its most the lower class kids who get caught up in grooming , people are now making a link between who the JLP tends to throw their support ie the rich vs the poor.

Why has the opposition for example not seen it fit to fight to get a poor Jamaican who is one of 2300 Jamaicans who have been locked up abroad and does not have money to secure good legal counsel

The JLP continues to choose the wrong public fights and in so doing are losing credibility faster than Justin Gatlin’s claim to be the best sprinter in world.



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