JLP need to get dem “Axe” together !

If you cannot do it in 25 years, you most certainly cannot do it again.

If after 25 years the PNP has not developed and institutionalize a growth and economic development plan for Jamaica, you can bet your last dollar that they will NEVER be able to do it again, no matter how many year you keep them in power.

The PNP track record on economic growth is abysmal, no other party in the country has failed the Jamaican economy as much as the PNP has despite the fact that over the last 26 years, the PNP has been in power for 22 years, with a 4 year break during the worst economic crises that the world has ever seen.

During this time, the JLP still was able to generate growth, kept a reign on the dollar, lowered the crime rate and was seeking to advance even more gains, before the people said ” the worst is over, let’s put back in the eat a food government”.

Jamaicans turn to the JLP when there is no economic growth and poverty and crime is on the rise with no end in sight and their backs are against the walls. As soon as growth begins to emerge, the JLP will be unceremoniously removed from power, so the PNP can  begin its distributive politics coming off the economic gains made by the JLP

The JLP continues to fight itself and this does nothing to enhance the image of the party. With elections just 3 months away, the JLP needs to get its AXE together, if they hope to “fell” the big PNP tree.

Message for Andrew, you need to learn how to get into UWI and Utech and you better learn very fast.


11 Responses

  1. don’t try to change history. JLP was failing IMF test after IMF test. They had 13 quarters of negative growth during thier four years !!!

    those are facts. PNP has took over and is passing the IMF tests. 9 so far .. they have been making marginal growth …. so we are on a slow but strady path

    • Tell us which economy was growing during this period. Now tell us how the world economy grew between 1989- 2007

  2. It depresses me to hear people talking about the PNP and growth in the same sentence, also that the PNP are going to win the next election as if it is foregone conclusion and is pre-ordained. If we as Jamaicans start to reward politicians who have been incompetent who refuses to talk to us with a dismissal letter then they will have to perform. A friend of mine said it so perfectly, the difference between the PNP and the JLP is the PNP are a wonderful opposition but a poor government while the JLPare a poor opposition and a good government . Wake up Jamaica we are now going through the usual PNP TRICKERY of poor stewardship for 4 years and the release of the election largesse just before the polls . After expect the rubbish and incompetence to return

  3. Please do not fabricate facts. the JLP was pushing the country in a financial disaster, they continuously failed the IMF tests, had three persons managing the finance misters and presided over 13 quarters of negative growth !!!.

    We may have different opinions but the truth will always prevail.

    the good IMF performance under the PNP has even been making the IMF to think of revising some of our targets

    • When you screw up the country after 18.5 yrs of failed policies and no growth and now the IMF has to force you to change your foolish ways, how do you really congratulate that.

      Is like kicking over a can of milk, then cleaning it up and then say ” look he did a great job of cleaning up the mess he made”.

      The PNP is attempting to clean up the mess they made, but even with the help they are getting, it is not a party that can or will ever grow the Jamaican economy.

      The fact is they have no idea what to do.

      That is a fact show me their record !!!

      • The PNP came after 4 years after the JLP. The JLP was failing IMF tests and yet the PNP is passing them right after.

        The IMF have given PNP great props on growing the economy…

        • Imf, kmt. They have no success stories, but we salute them thinking they are helping us . hmm

        • Where are the IMF success stories, they are failures just like the PNP from the 1970’s.

          If you get props from a perennial failure when you are a failure yourself, I guess you can be overjoyed.

          I would like to see the PNP in opposition for at least 10 years to give the country a chance at real growth.

  4. JLP screw up and can’t even pass the IMF tests, yet you do not blame the JLP for not crafting a good program, you blame the IMF !!!

    The electorate run the JLP, you do not blame the JLP but blame the people.

    PNP represents people power.. so no way will they be in opposition for 10 years if it is not the will of the people

    • The PNP in 18.5 years gave us finsac, their bad polices drove many multinationals out of Jamaica, they gave the JLP a weak economy that had seen no growth despite they fact that the 1990’s and early 2000 were the best years for the worlds economies.

      The PNP gave way to the JLP just ahead of the worst financial crises the world has ever seen between 2007- 2011 and despite failing IMF test, brought relatively stable dollar and was the country was beginning to see growth.

      As soon as the hungry eat a food people saw this, they turn again to the PNP to share things up once again.

      The PNP is passing IMF test after IMF test, but the country is failing badly in alomost every area of governance, but guess what only IMF test matters.

      Rising murders, daily devaluations, zero growth or recession, missing Prime Minister, no garbage collection, stinking cities and towns, no water, no medication at hospitals.

      Great job say Cull and the IMF.

      From Prosperity to Poverty thanks to the fine policies of the PNP.

      PNP = Poverty No Prosperity.


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