Phillip Paulwell, Jamaica could become LNG hub of the Caribbean. Another Game Changer

Why do people in the main stream media do not call out Minister when they speak garbage and pretend is factual or based on sound logic ?

After JPS signed the LNG purchase agreement with Fortress, Phillip Paulwell, said, this could establish Jamaica as the LNG hub of the Caribbean. This guy so likes to make announcements, that he moves to now create them, when no need exist for such announcements.

What are the facts

Trinidad currently is the only producer and exporter of LNG in the Caribbean region and even thought it now longer supplies 80% the LNG produced there to the  US , it is the already the CENTER for LNG in the Caribbean.

Its reserves maybe falling , with a report suggesting that just 8.6 yrs of reserves maybe remaining, but even with that T&T already has all the infrastructure in place and the funds to hold the title for LNG hub of the Caribbean.

Paulwell needs to cut down on the announcements, allow things to happen and then announce what has been achieved vs what has been planned.

His records for turning announcement in achievements have been abysmally low, but guess what in the PNP he is Prime Minister material.



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