The media has created an absentee Prime Minister !

The Jamaica media has created the current Prime Minister we have today, one who refuses to speak with the media expect on her own terms, whenever she chooses to do so. The handlers in the PNP have handled the media so bad or the Prime Minister do good, that she has not given a decent interview wo any media house since assuming the position in January 2012.

No JLP leader would have been allowed this kind of latitude by the media in Jamaica, it would NEVER happen, but under PNP anything thing goes and the media wait for crumbs to drop off the PNP table to pick it up.

The latest public relation stunt carried by the now absolutely lazy and complaint media, is the ” talk to the Prime Minister series”. Under this regime, members of the public are lead to believe by the media, that they are sending questions to the Prime Minister and her answers to those will appear in the Jamaica Star.

This is a brilliant move by the very person, whom the media think is not very bright, but who has managed to run rings around the “bright” media for almost 4 years, without any sort of backlash.

The media has allowed the Prime Minister to change all access to the Prime Minister including the fact that under the JLP the PM would take questions within parliament during sittings. The Prime Minister further dissing of he media came when she said ” I will not talk myself out of power”.

The  media has created an absentee PNP Prime Minister and has allowed her to literally get away with murder.

Thank Goodness for social media, we however need to be able to find away to get more to the people and make the influence of establish media less with time as so often the largely once are not reporting the news, but are becoming the news themselves.


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