Plenty SUV’s but very few fire trucks !

Jamaica continues to be a society of great paradox. We would like to be seen as a rich and successful society, while begging to maintain our false sense of being rich and prosperous.

We spend millions of dollars every few years to ensure that our MP’s drive around in luxury SUV’s, but we cannot afford to buy fire trucks so fire fighters can do their jobs or cars so the police can curtail and solve crimes.

We do not have the above because we cannot afford it.

We cannot pay of public sectors more than 3.5% increase in ways, but we can pay richer banks 7% per annum by replacing a 1% loan with a 7% loan and then say see ” wall street and all the lenders have endorsed this move”.

Once again, I say if the pay are happy with the way things are, then its likely to remain that way going foward.


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