Local suppliers and contractors owed billions, while GOJ commits to pay foreigners billions

Local suppliers and contractors are owed billions of dollars for goods and services supplied to the government of Jamaican and after months of waiting, cannot be paid. Many of these companies are on the verge of going under as the banks have decided not to extend to them any additional lines of credit unless they make good on outstanding payments.

Many people who work for these companies are in danger of losing homes, cars and other property as well as insurance policies as the payments are not been met because their employers just do not have the money to remit to the collections agencies.

While the GOJ continues to hold off paying local business people, the government has gleefully committed to pay an additional $752m per month more to foreign investors based on the two bonds which were floated last month.

The tradition of moving wealth from the poor to the rich which was started under PJ Patterson has continued under Current Prime Minister Dr Peter Phillips    Portia Simpson Miller.

What I find amazing is the PNP GOVERMENT which in the 1990’s was responsible for the most closure of businesses in the history of this country is at it once again and I am amazed at the silence of those who are about to go under simply because the PNP government refuses to pay them, while making the IMF happy.

The IMF really cares nothing about this country, its is hell bent on ensuring that its creditors gets paid and the rest of the country can #@$#5 off as far as it is concerned.

  • Will the real business people in Jamaica stand up and be counted?
  • Will the people who are in danger of losing their homes stand up and be counted ?
  • Are these folks so fearful are partisan that they are willing to lose it all vs pushing for what is rightfully theirs ?

If its the later than I have no pity on their stupidity and maybe the PNP government is really doing the right thing ie impoverish more Jamaicans because they so much love poor people.


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  1. When I see the IMF, the IDB and other foreign entities heaping praise on the government for the Petrocaribe debt buy back I get nervous. Everyone keep saying it is a good deal but they are not coming clean with all the facts.

    The government keep saying it cannot afford to pay public sector workers more than 7% over two years yet they are committed to pay billions more in additional interest on these bonds. The question is: where is the additional funding to come from to finance these payments?

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