Guns alone don’t kill people, Peter Bunting ( Did he learn this in Washington?)

Peter Bunting continues to search for answers to Jamaica’s crime problem and is drawing blank. Lets examine a few of the comments he has made so far on crime in Jamaica

  1. We need divine intervention to solve crime in Jamaica.
  2. Dudus is the cause of crime especially murder in Jamaica.
  3. Poverty is not the cause of crime and murder in Jamaica.
  4. Unemployment is a major contributor to crime and murder in Jamaica.
  5. The lotto scam is the main reason for murder in Jamaica..
  6. The guns for drug trade is the major reason for murder in Jamaica
  7. And now , its Jamaicans( culture of violence) who are the main reason for murder in Jamaica.

MONTEGO BAY, St James — National Security Minister Peter Bunting believes that controlling the flow of guns into Jamaica will not, by itself, solve the country’s crime problem. What is needed, as well, is a change in the culture of violence.

In an apparent effort to strengthen his argument, Bunting added: “If you don’t remove the culture of violence, even if you remove all the guns, people would start cutting each other’s throats, or chopping up each other with machetes

If Peter Bunting argument is to believed, lets examine this.

  1. How many guns do you believe we have in Jamaica ?
  2. How many knives do you believe we have in Jamaica ?
  3. How many machete do you believe we have in Jamaica ?
  4. Can 2 & 3 kill people ?
  5. Do we have more of 1, 2, or 3 ?

So truth be told we have more knives and machetes in Jamaica, than gun, so if its really the culture of violence and with more people having access to knives and machetes, why is the gun the feature in 80% of murders.

The people are the same, there is more access to to knives and machete than guns, so if its a “culture” of violence that is the real reason, murders by knives and machete would probably be 80% vs the gun .

The reason for the gun is, its quick, you don’t have to be close to the person and you can be a coward and always remain a coward.

A person who uses a gun to kill would not necessarily use a machete or a knife because that means close personal contact and that is not in his books, given that most gunmen are in fact cowards.

The minister needs to stop making this statements and spend something analyzing the problem and come forth with meaningfully solutions

The minister just spent over a week in Washington to seek help with crime, is this what he has returned to the island with ?

Peter, what was the outcome of your discussions in Washington, not told us you were going and what was the mission, why have we not heard about what you have accomplished

Why are Jamaicans so $#@^%#$& docile and not demanding answers on how their tax dollars are being spent. When are we going to get serious about matters of governance or are we going to allow the free-for-all to continue ?


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