Can you be a board member and still be an independent analyst

I had ( still have) the greatest respect for Dennis Chung as an accountant and financial analyst . He has always been a forthright person on many financial and economic issues and has been on many shows to provide us with insight into financial and accounting matters.

Since becoming chairman of he board of the NSWMA, I have however notice a different tone in the discussions that he now leads and I am now beginning to wonder if this bright guy, is now being less independent in this thinking than he used to be.

I respect Dennis a lot for his insight and I really hope he does not go the way many of these other folks go, whereby they lose the ability to be thought provoking in their discussions and instead dabble in the very mediocrity that that would speak about become assuming board members roles.

If you believe your position could become comprised, refuse the interview vs going on and be less that forthright as you would have been had you not been in that position.

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