Current crop of labourite leaders are the worst ever !

While I have huge dislike for the PNP as a government, given their inability to  address crime and generate growth in the economy, I must admit that the JLP is not yet ready to hold the reins and that is sad.

I firmly believe that the JLP having spent so much time in opposition, really do not know what leading the country means and have so far not placed themselves in a position to offer leadership.

The average age of the various spokesmen in the party is about 62, which is just 3 years shy of legal retirement for those in the public sector. Some of these guys are as old as mid 70’s and have not tasted power or been in the position to lead for more than 5 years of their entire political life.

What can Charles, Henry, Samuda, Chang, Baugh, Smith , Hutchinson  (he his not running again) etal bring to the table in a JLP led government?  They have been in opposition so long, they have nothing to teach the young JLP members what it means to lead, because they have not been in any position of leadership for such a long time.

Andrew Holness, the soon to be deposed leader of the JLP for example has been a MP for close to 20 years,  of which, 16 or 80% of which he has been in opposition. It is therefore not easy to make the transition from being one who is looking for problems, to one who is looking to solve problems hence the party is not seen as creating any avenue towards leadership.

The party cannot even put together a decent list of possible Representative, care takers at the local level without war, demonstration, throw wud and acrimony . If ths is how they behave in oppostion can you image what we are likely to see if they gain power.

Jamaicans do not want to take that chance again with the JLP and to make matters worst, the leader of the party Andrew Holness cannot hold it together. If Holness is not as selfish as I think he is, he will need to facilitate the entry of Tufton and soon rather than later step aside as party leader to give the party a better chance at victory.

I suspect much like his mentor Edward Seaga, he will NOT give up that position and will punish anyone who dares to challenge hi for leadership and will become the most “successful” opposition leader in Jamaicans history.

He would have been one of if not the only leader who would have led any party in Jamaica to to most electoral defeats in the national polls and never to have become Prime Minister of Jamaica.

PNP is bad, but sadly the JLP is not a viable alternative at this time and that is a tragedy.


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