Andrew Holness will NEVER become Prime Minister of Jamaica

There are many labour party supporters who are still bitter with Andrew Holness, with how he and his party treated them the last time they were in office . Who can forget being asked to tender their resignation even though they had done nothing wrong . Many will not forget being pushed out of their jobs to make space for others, they shall not forget.

Comrades do not throw each other under the bus, but for Andrew he has no problems doing so with his own.  Many labourtite have said that as long as Andrew is the leader of the party, he will NOT get their votes , because they do not forget. Many to whom I have spoken to in recent times have said in their time of need, it was the PNP who offered them support after being kicked around by their own party led by Andrew.

I never thought the resentment for this man was so great even within the JLP itself. The senator resignation was pointed to as another of the signs of is underhanded approach and many therefore do NOT trust him.

I am told that Holness will not only never become Prime Minister in this country, but will have  hard time retaining his current seat, in fact I am told he will lose his current seat, thus paving the way for his removal as party leader in the next election.


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