Where is our PM, is she back from vacation ?

Last week Wednesday, we all say a news release suggesting the our most beloved Prime Minister was taking vacation and that Mr Robert “Gets nothing done” Pickersgill was going to be in charge of the government.

Its Tuesday, July 28, 2015 and the country has not heard ( at least I have not) if the Prime Minister is back from vacation and once again “in charge” of the government.

Despite all the murder and mayhem bedeviling the country, our Prime Minister has not yet seen it fit to address the nation of what her government will be doing to put an end to the murderous rampage by marauding  gunmen.

When will the Prime Minister see it fit to address her “subjects”?

I guess we will hear a lot from her the sooner it gets to the next election.

I guess the people are happy because the PNP has surged upwards by 7% points and not seems set to win the next General election on the back of what must be a good performance


2 Responses

  1. Well folks it seems the Prime Minister will speak to the nation tonight just a few hours after I chided her for being too silent.

  2. Doesn’t matter. She won’t have anything interesting to say.

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