PM On Leave, Pickersgill In Charge ?????????????

Water, Land, Environment and Climate Change Minister, Robert Pickersgill is now in charge of the government.

Pickersgill is standing in for Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller who is on leave until Friday.

She will return to office on Saturday, July 25.

  1. The Prime Minister is hardly ever here and even when she is, her presence is not felt. She hardly goes to Parliament, she does not host press conferences and speak to the people, she does little or no national address to the people and she does not comment on the most press matters affecting the country.  The fact is, she could have gone without saying anything and would not be missed.
  2. I am not sure why the PM believes she needs to leave anyone in charge of the government, when she herself was never in charge of anything in the first place. Now how about her choice of who to leave in charge.
  3. Well you choose the laziest persons in the cabinet and one who you know, is so lazy he will get nothing done in your absence . If that is the premise on which this is done, the  person  chosen is  absolutely the best choice. It also tell how the PM thinks about running the affairs of the country.
  4. Apart from being a lazy you know what, Bobby will never seek to challenge the Prime Minister and this is the reason Dr Peter Phillips will NOT be left in charge of the government in the absence of the Prime Minister, even though he would be the most competent to do so.( Politics)

Meanwhile, National Security Minister Peter Bunting is currently in Washington DC in the United States for a series of meetings at the Department of Homeland Security.

While Bunting is overseas, Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining, Phillip Paulwell, will oversee the National Security portfolio.

  1. Bunting is out and we choose another non -performer for one of the most demanding job in the cabinet. Wow, these choices are simply mind-boggling if you really care about performance in the country but completely understandable if you like to revel in mediocrity and lack of accountability
  2. Well at least this time we know where he is. The last time he went missing for two weeks, we almost had him on missing persons list that comes at the end of TVJ ‘s Prime TIme News 🙂



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