How can you hang, who you cannot catch and convict ?

Jamaicans by nature are a reactive people, we see the small things and ignore them, we see the danger and leave it alone and as soon a disaster happen, we react to that sole issue, never fixing the real problem.

Every time that there is a spike in murders, we hear ” hang them high”, but who is them ?

The statistics from the police shows that Jamaica clear up rate for murder is about 10-15%, which means between 85- 95% of all murders go unsolved. Let’s put it another way, at the end of 2015 about 1000 people would have been murdered in this country and only 100 – 150 would have been solved, leaved 850 – 900 unsolved.

Those advocating for hanging are of the misguided belief, that the 90% who commit a murder and get away with it, will no longer do it due to the fear of being hanged, but this is really nonsense. The fact is that this 90% does not believe they will be caught and have the statistics to help them in that belief.

So, now that I have blown that myth out to sea, what is commonsenseja suggesting ?

Well at least two things.

  1. Our method of investigation must change now
  2. The way we collect evidence must change
  3. The way we secure crime scene must change
  4. The way our lab deals with specimen must change
  5. Our justice system must be faster and better
  6. There must be greater collaboration with the Office of the DPP and the police department.
  7. The number of crime scene detectives must be improved
  8. Our forensic lab must be properly equipped and staffed
  9. We must prepare better case files
  10. We must be through.
  11. We must protect witness and witness statement
  12. There must be utmost confidentially in eye witness report.

If he get one to twelve above we can move the conviction rate from 10 % to 70% and then we must now hang them because we will have no place to keep them.


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