Murder, Mayhem and Rape, but our Prime Minister remains Mum !

The minister of National Security leaves the country for two week and no one knows if he was on official business or not. he returns and provides no reason for his absence.

The Jamaican Prime Minister is in the country when 5 women were murdered in 48 hrs and over 24 murdered in one week yet including one teen who was murdered and set on fire and a cop killed while off duty and on her way home .  Over the last 24hrs news emerged of another teen gang raped and filmed and still the Prime Minister remains silent .

If the maximum leader of a nation is unmoved at the atrocities being committed under her leadership, where does one turn to for leadership on this growing crime monster.

What will it take for the Prime Minister to speak, will it take the opposition blasting her on her silence for her to react to that criticism.  It seems our PM only responds to criticism and never appears to see the need to act like the leader  Prime Minister  she fought so hard to become.


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