The JLP is a dysfunctional unit and needs to be rebranded.

The JLP continues to be a dysfunctional unit, with no clear leadership, no philosophy and no direction.

No one in the JLP can articulate the position of this party [as] each person appears to speak from a personal point of view on matters that are of national importance. One moment its  “Hardley” Shaw, another day is  Andrew (Boring) Holness  and yet another day it may be Karl Samuda.

This dysfunctional unit is in a perpetual war with itself, creating situations where none exist to  war amongst members. The leader is clearly not in control of the party and aging men with nothing more to contribute to the party or the country, continues to speak out of turn on a daily basis, sinking the unit further any further into an abyss.

Within the ranks of the JLP, there is always an “insider”, that mythical person who is always willing to speak to the media on the condition on anonymity on any matter than has been spoken about in a confidential manner wherever that meeting  took place.

The party at this stage appears to have no chance of winning another election at the rate they are going and at this stage may want to undergo a name change as  a start.

JLP = Jamaica Loser Party

Maybe we should get that change .

JPP = Jamaica Progressive Party.

Bless 🙂


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