Robert Pickersgill has failed at everything, including failure itself.

Bobby Pickersgill is one of my least favourite politicians, not because of anything personal, but because he is such a lazy and incompetent politician.  This man is a perennial failure who has nothing to show after over 30 years in representational politics, with the exception of probably never losing a election in his constituency (  I am open to a challenge here).

Given his very poor track record of performance, the Prime Minister created a ministry for him, one where there would be no previous record on which to compare Bobby and despite that, the man continues to fail even where failure did not seem possible.

The PNP having been in power for over 23 of the last 27 years continues to fail the country where it matters most and that is in the fundamentals required to have a proper functioning country. The water crises this year is yet another glaring failure of Bobby and the rest of the PNP government, which despite being given power over and over again, have done very little to safe guard the water supply and security in Jamaica.

If we cannot provide as basic commodity such as water for the people of the nation, can we really expect big investment to come into the country?

Farms are drying up and the little man continues to suffer due to the incompetence of Bobby and his PNP cabinet members. Every year farmers who can least afford it losses millions of dollars in crops due to no water and then the government opens up the importation of the products lost, so we can further put them out of their misery.

The Jamaican people must have accepted that Robert Pickersgill will fail and so when he does, there is no uproar, no demand for his removal, because he has delivered what was expected of him.

I would NEVER have wasted by time to go to any press conference being hosted by this person. What did the media expect, did they not expect that Bobby would first tell us about water restrictions( which is fine) but what did he say about what actions he has taken over the last 3 years and what have been the results of those actions.

I am less interested in hearing any further announcement, what I want to see is action on the ground that will give us positive results.

Robert Pickersgill continued failure in a ministry where failure was considered impossible, seems set to derail the entire IMF program.

I think Robert Pickersgill should do the honourbale thing and resign and go live in some other country, where he may learn a thing or too about performance, this man has been an abject failure and kinda sums up the performance of the PNP over the last 27 years or so.

I would not even mention the environmental portfolio as this man has no clue of what is expected of him in this regard.

When the people accept mediocrity, the end result is what we see today.


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