If Anthony Hylton is doing is best, I would not like to see him at his worst !

The Minister of Mis-Information recently suggested at a press conference that embattled Minister of Investments and Trade Anthony Hylton is actually doing his BEST (yes his BEST).

I almost fell off my chair when I heard that statement from the Minister, but then I gathered my thoughts and said, you know give,n who this coming and who the Minister represents, she was actually right and here is why.

Within the ranks of the PNP, it appears that there are little or no standards and/ or benchmark and no Key Performance Indicators on which its members are measured. So if you have no standards, no set targets , no benchmark,  whatever results you get, its good because there is nothing to compare it against.

The PNP therefore never sees failure, because you only can recognize failure if there has been an established mark against which you are comparing one’s performance.

So when Anthony Hylton failed to deliver on his announcement of a US$5B logistics hub project, his failure can only be defined as such in the eyes of the public, because the public actually expected some positive results.

In the eyes of the PNP, it is not a failure because they had zero expectations of Anthony Hylton and so nothing to measure him against. The fact that the entire project fizzled and died is therefore not a failure because there was never any sort of expectation from the party.

If Anthony Hylton as the Minister of Mis-Information is suggesting is doing his best, it could mean one of two things

  1. He actually has a benchmark set and he delivered on that.
  2. The Minister of Mis-Information is on a frolic of her own and her position is not a representation of the party.

Let’s assume # 1 is correct.

If one is true, it means Anthoy Hylton was never expected to deliver any US$5B investment and the fact that he did not, means he would have done his best, by virtue of that expectation. For her to suggest he did his best, means she knows of a benchmark that was set and he delivered. If this not the case, then we move to #2

Let’s assume #2 is correct.

If this is true, then it means that Mr Hylton’s performance as described by the Minister of Mis-Information is a subjective one and has no fundamentals to support it. In this case and given all that has been in the public domain, the information Minister is either speaking from a personal position which is bad enough, but if she is speaking and her position is representing the entire cabinet, then the ministers are more delusional than I ever imagined.

If this is the ministers at his BEST, then may the good Lord help us because I would not like to see him when he is not at his best.

Given his best performance to date, I think we can kiss new investments goodbye and we can expect to see a further reduction in FDI beyond the 7% reduction Anthony Hylton delivered to Jamaica last year.



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