Failure of politicians in Jamaica has become an accepted norm.

The Prime Minister accepts continuous failure as being par for the course ie a normal part of the modus operandi in Jamaica.

The Minister of Mis-Information is the chief minister to explain away failure as ” he/she is doing their best”. If Anthony Hylton is doing is best and screws up as he did with the Crack (Krauck) Logistics Hub Initiative, I would NOT like to see him at his worst.

The people of Jamaica have largely accepted failure from our politicians and the failing economy as being normal and then look for a way our either by boat, plane or some other channels and head for some place where they actions of the people of live in those countries actually produces good results. For those who can’t good then remittances become a way of life. Screw up your country by putting the same bunch of incompetent politicians in power because I am born JLP or PNP, then strecth out our hands to those who make better choices than us in their adopted nations, then curse them as mean when they say ” hell no”.


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