Can you ever make a transgression as a PNP member and face punishment ?

It seems , no matter how immoral, illegal or poor ethical conduct is displayed by PNP members it is never enough to get one expelled from the PNP.

The PNP had a grand opportunity to get rid of Shernet  Haughton , but as it always the case with this party, they find a creative way to retain errant members. The woman displayed one of the most blatant case of political nepotism ever seen in Jamaica for a long time,  but this was not enough for the “integrity commission ” to expel her from the party.

Shernet Haughton today remains a member of the PNP and we were told last night, she will not be allowed to contest the elections on a PNP ticket as a form of punishment. This morning we heard her lawyer suggesting , that she may now run as an “independent” candidate, while still being a member of the PNP, wow , very deft move by Shernet.

Now we know Jamaicans , despite what they say, love corruption especially the ones that result in they “eating a food” off the councillor and no doubt will vote for her to be returned as their councillor. It is therefore very convenient that Shernet will be allowed to be a member of the PNP and run as an “independent” candidate. I guess this will allow her the opportunity to “switch” sides when it becomes convenient  because Jamaicans have very short memory.

Why would anyone outside of Jamaica take Jamaicans seriously when it comes unto corruption, the rule and law and probity.

PNP continues to be the best party to ruin Jamaica moral compass, integrity and ethics, but somehow it seems as if this is what the people want because no matter how bad it gets, they find comfort in a large percentage of the population.

I weep for Jamaica


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