Will JPS provide more details on its deal with New Fortress Energy

I have been trying to find out more about the announcement made by the JPS that the have signed long term LNG supply contract between themselves and the USA based Fortress Energy. Well, my research has shown that Fortress Energy  is supposed to be a part of Fortress Investment Group inc, even though I could not find Fortress Energy on their web page.

I decided to dig a bit further to determine if Fortress Energy has a license to export LNG from the United States Department of Energy, but was unable to find that name. No company in the USA can export domestically produced LNG from the USA without this being approved by the USA DOE.

So unless JPS wishes to provide us with more information than it has done so far I am struggling to understand this particular deal, which was just announced. Now I am not suggesting that the deal is really not a deal after-all, because Fortress could be the middle man, who is actually doing negotiations with an authorized exporter and we just were not made aware of that.

Can the JPS therefore offer some clarity in relation to this new development



I did eventually something Fortress New Energy and they were recently looking for a project manager.



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