Who in the PNP Cabinet is actually doing any sort of work ?

I decided this morning to take a critical look at PNP cabinet after more that three years in office and my assessment of each of the various ministers, then juxtapose that to the position the country finds itself in today.

  1. The Prime Minister says she is working, working, working, but unless she is working on a subway underground, their is absolutely no evidence to support her working, working statement. This Prime Minister has spent more time and money travelling than any other Prime Minister in modern Jamaica, yet there is not much to show for this “investment”.
  2. The Minister of Announcement, Phillip Paulwell has made quite a bit of announcements thus far, but as is usual with this non-performer, 95% of his announcements never materialized. He screwed up the energy project, he said we would have rare mineral, but what is really rare is getting anything substantive in the ground from this broadcaster. I think he would be a better fit in the Information Minister, where all he would need to do is make announcements and nothing more.
  3.  The Minister of Industry and Commerce seems to define “logics” and continues to use the buzz word “Logistics hub”, which has come to define his ministry. Some Crown and Achor guys comes along and suggest that despite having their biggest project only worth US$25,000, they can bankroll a project for US$5B. The entire cabinet buys this hook, line and sinker and like Paulwell, within days of his announcement questions were raised and eventually the entire project was to become still born. Under his watch Jamaica registered a 7% reduction in FDI, which underpins the great work done by this minister thus far.
  4. The Minister of No Water and Environment, despite being given the easiest minister, continues to show the country that he is a perennial  failure no matter where he is placed. Robert continues to be the worst performing minster this country has ever seen and the fact that he remains there gives an indication of where Jamaica is headed. Robert Pickersgill has reduced the ministry to being a second Met office, giving us weather data but zero plans on what his ministry plans to do to fix the problems, which gets worse every year. He deserves a prize for being one of the most incompetent ministers every to be part of any cabinet in Jamaica .
  5. The Minister of Foreign Affairs appears to be totally clueless in his role and apart from his staunch defense of our Caricom partners, has done next to nothing to improve Jamaica’s imagine either in the Caribbean or on the international scene. I think he needs to be retired to Jurassic Park in the public interest. Under his watch, all I have seen is more Jamaicans becoming boat people, following the Haitians, as they make a desperate bid to flee Jamaica.
  6. The Transport Minister Dr Davis is a good as being lost in this ministry and apart from the projects that were already negotiated under the previous administration, has brought nothing new to the table. The road network across the country is a mess and we cannot blame the IMF. The NWA does not understand road design and so roads become river beds during periods of rain fall and then get into a state of disrepair in no time. Despite the flawed designed the Minster who happens to know nothing about construction continues to resurface these roads instead of fixing the real problem. Clearly he is out of his league and needs to be retired in the public’s interest.
  7. The Minister of Misinformation certainly appears to be doing less work than when she was in the private sectors, which can be seen from her substantial weight gain. She gives more misinformation than any other ministers I have seen in this post and seems less knowledgeable than most. Her role has been relegated to reading transcript, without being able to add anything of worth to what she reads, making her press conferences nothing but  a mere ” news reporting”.
  8. The Local Government Minister has his hands full just trying to deal with the land “fill” and despite all the reassurances seems unable to manage just over 100 acres of land. This Ministry might as well be renamed, the  “Ministry of Waste”.  The country is dirty and stink and the level of garbage piling up all over the country is unprecedented.
  9. The Minister of Education is really trying to make a difference, you can see that this minister actually wants to do a good job, but is being starved of need resources to carry out his job.
  10. The Minister of Justice has managed to do what no other Justice Minister has done and that is pass this much bills albeit dictates of the IMF. He has sought to decriminalize  ganja and that is a welcome move. Mark Golding is one of the few bright sparks in an otherwise dull cabinet.
  11. The Minister of Security seems to have a hard time distinguishing between security as in the nations security and security as in a financial instrument . His constant reference to statistical data is better suited for financial security and not people and hence is inability to make any sort of positive impact in this area. This Minister needs to be moved to the Finance Ministry or Industry and Commerce, where the incumbent is totally clueless.
  12. The Minister of Finance is totally fixed on pleasing his masters at the IMF and could not give a hoot is everything is destroyed in his quest to be the best Minister of Finance working for the IMF. At the end of the 4 yr extended fund facility Dr Phillips will be like a “deer in the headlights”, having no plans on how to actually grow the economy and no doubt will be taking us back to the IMF for yet another round of austerity to poverty.
  13. The Minister or Agriculture and Social Security has reduced the ministry to one of seasonal work in USA and Canada and should be renamed the Ministry of  Agriculture and Farm Work. It seems the majority of the effort is to send Jamaicans to work on farms in USA and Canada vs improving the farming technology and output in Jamaica. As for Social Insecurity, its their for all to see, just look at the number of Jamaicans now taking to the streets to beg to earn a living.
  14. The Minister of Youth and Culture heart is in the right place, but that does not deliver results. If one should examine what is taking place with the youths in Jamaica, one would say this minister has failed the youths badly. Sexual predators and attaching themselves to schools, to day care centers, to government run children s homes and when “caught”, they simple move to next one without any fear of being caught. Where is the registration process, where is the fit and proper testing that is being done to ensure sexual deviants are not in or if they do get in can never get a job in child care ever again in this country. The number of missing children in Jamaica is alarmingly high, but nothing is being done about it, expect for the constant cry by Betty Ann-Blaine, I think she should be appointed to this ministry.

So the PNP is failing from the cradle to the grave, but somehow the majority of the voting population simply loves them and continues to award mediocrity with victory at the polls

So in summary, I believe this administration instead of working to move us from Poverty to Prosperity is actually working on Austerity to Poverty .

If the later is the measure of success of the PNP administration, then I believe the are doing an outstanding job and they are right on track. Should they win in 2016, they would have certainly accomplished that mission.


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