What did Commonsenseja say about the UC Rusal Ethane fired plant.

On Sept 23, 2014 I gave a review of the announcement that was made by ESET about 350MW of new power for Jamaica and during that piece I made a particular point. I said the following

Point 4

US Rusal Ethane fired power plant. I think this is a none starter for two main reasons

  1. US Rusal is not going to be making any further investments in Jamaica.

  2. Ethene as a source of fuel for a power plant is a major challenge, as the process to transport from where its manufactured to point of use is not mature process given the extreme conditions that it requires. It is typically used where its processed and frankly  I do not see UC Rusal being involved in this process at all, so I would say this particular proposal is akin to flying a kite


ESET gave an update recently and this is what they said.

But at the end of May 2015, “Rusal told ESET that they were having difficulty settling partnership discussions with American Ethane”.

That feedback came after ESET requested information from Rusal relating to the partnership arrangements, shipping, receiving, methods of transporting ethane and the arrangements for construction.

They advised that they were not yet able “to settle with American Ethane as developer and as gas supplier” and needed more time to either complete the discussions or consider other proposals for Alpart.

Capacity Unknown

Here again, the power plant’s capacity is unknown.

“Rusal will inform us once they have settled their energy plan which, they have informed, is being revised,” Lawrence told the Financial Gleaner.


I do not consider myself to be a any sort of “prophet” but I do take the time out to analysis what is being presented to the populace and will challenge or test the information if I am able to determine that something is just not right.

I will continue to take a critical look at this project, which even though 12 years late can bring about significant changes in the Jamaican landscape. We however need to be very careful of the pronouncements that are being made before deals and signed and sealed.


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