Same sex Marriage is USA may be a blessing in disguise for Jamaica

The idea of same sex marriage is repulsive and the US supreme court ruling that now makes it legal for same sex couples to marry in all 50 states as come as a moral blow for many. I have once again decided to take a very different approach than most people.

It is a know fact that same sex couples cannot have children , that is they cannot procreate, which is the main reason why God man and and woman, and is the reason for marriage.  If there is a significant population of the USA, that are gay and want to get married, it means they are not likely to have kids.

Any population which experiences over 10 – 15 years of falling birth rate is most likely to get into trouble. As the population gets older and retires, these workers needs to be replaced by younger people . If the USA economic growth continues to be strong it means mover jobs will be created. If more jobs are being created each year and the birth rate continues to decline, there will come a point in time, where companies cannot find workers to fill these positions.

This will lead to a change in immigration rules as to remain growing and competitive, the USA will need to import more workers that it does today, to fill these positions. With an economy that is not growing and is unlikely to grow, this could represent a grand opportunity for Jamaica in another 10 to 15 years.

It means therefore that we need to invest heavily into education and even more in the technical training as that is where the USA will need people to work in order to keep the manufacturing sector going.

So same sex marriage as morally bad as it is, does have the potential to throw up opportunists for Jamaicans is little over a decade, but we must start the work now in order to fully benefit.

Bless up


3 Responses

  1. Unless there is child labour in the USA no child that isn’t born now would have entered the labour force in 10 or 15 years time, much less in position requiring significant education and or technical training. At best we are talking 25 years from now before any such effect starts to show up.

  2. Jay, I made the comments in this thread.

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