Why does black people find it so easy to forgive white people, but not their own ?

A whiteman goes into a church, worships with black people for one hour, then murders 9 of the worshippers. Within 24hrs of being caught, the black communities tells this murder, that they forgive him.

Had the shooter been black, he and his family would have been hunted down and I am sure their would have been a deadly reprisals because that is how we deal with black on black violence . There would have been no speedy forgiveness I promise you that.

Now I am not suggesting they go after the white murder, instead I am pointing out the hypocrisy of bllack people and why it is so hard for them to be taken seriously .

I hear no cry for the death penalty, there is no hate crime legislation on the books in this state, so this murderer may escpae the death penalty

We shall see how it all plays out in the end


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