Civil servants misguided faith in PNP voodoo economics comes back to bite them

When one fails to use history as a guide for moving forward, you are bound to make serious mistakes and is more likely than not to fail.

The civil servants signed a “historic” MOU with the PNP government, where they agreed to another two years of wage freeze. If the trade unions believed that the PNP government could have turned around the economy and generated growth enough to pay them an decent increase, then they are either in denial or needs to have their heads examined.

History has shown the successive PNP governments have all failed to bring about any period of sustained growth in the country, even when every other country on the planet was growing by leaps and bounds. I am not sure what more proof our people need to show that the PNP simply does not understand how the economy works.

The over reliance  now on ” whitemen” out of United States to tell them how to grow the economy is yet another failure of the PNP. The IMF in its over 50 yrs history has no sucess story, it has never taken any country from austerity to prosperity, instead what we have seen is austerity to poverty.

If one were to look to every country which has gone to the IMF and has followed the program to the book as clueless Jamaican politicians have done, not a single one has had any success. In the Caribbean, one can look at St Kitts and Nevis, which happens to be under a program and who had higher Debt to GDP ratio than Jamaica. Their numbers are coming down, but the program they are following was more suited for the people and their was less reliance on the IMF.  Their signature Citizen for investment program for example, if the IMF had its way that would have been gone.

St Kitts and Nevis residents pay zero income tax, if the government had not stood up the IMF would have forced them to change this long standing policy. So the country has been able to take IMF money, pay back some  loans earlier than expected and their economy is growing thanks to the leadership in that country and NOT the IMF.

The public sector unions , most of which are aligned to the ruling party has done a great disservice to the public sector workers and it amazes me that a group of people could have allowed themselves to be hoodwinked into believing the PNP can grow an economy which can then give them a livable wage.

In life they say to get what you work for and I seriously believe that is what is taking place now and they will have no choice but to accept the 7%, because the PNP are clueless about economics and  they have no other plan for the sorry state of this economy and the faithful public sector workers shepherded by the PNP affiliated unions, will be like a lamb to the slaughter.

When loyalty trumps engagement of the brains, bad things happen to those who choose loyalty to party over country.

Toll rates go up by 10% come July 4, meaning more pressure on public sector workers.

Come 2016 these very folks, will once again go out and vote for more of the same, then suffer in silence .

Welcome to Jamaica, a country than runs on charity and remittances . Members of the diaspora, have largely contributed to the economic problems in Jamaica, I will tell you why in a subsequent post.


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