Can we really trust the decision making process of the PNP Cabinet; Logistics hub screw up

” Dem dweet again, dem  mismanage even mismanagement “

That was the expression that greeted me, when I got news that Jamaica largest ever infrastructural development project was still born.

Some-how the PNP seems able to select the least experience, least knowledge, least capable both financially and otherwise to manage their biggest projects.

Phillip Paulwell the Minister of Announcements selected little known EWI to undertake the largest every energy project in Jamaica and then ended up in the dumps.

Anthony Hylton – Minister of Non Achievement did one better, he announced a project that was almost 6 times the size of the one by his colleagues minister, again choosing the least capable firm(s) and that too ended up being still born.

In both cases the Jamaican cabinet supported both projects despite the misgivings not only by those with intimate knowledge of what it takes to execute both projects, but by civil society who were concerned about the manner in which the project were being handled.

In both cases the public was right and cabinet was wrong.

Public 2

Cabinet 0.

Now the Jamaican people were able to see what was wrong in the direction the government was going based on the information that was available and berated the government for doing so. If the cabinet can screw up so big on such major projects, can we really trust their collective decision making process ?

We have these guys leading us, travelling and having meeting and signing agreements on our behalf most of which cannot be made public. Given the major screw up by these two cabinet ministers and by extension the entire PNP cabinet, I think its time for us to see every single agreement they claim to be signing to benefit this country, as it it very clear that they are all clueless and may very well be signing away our rights without us knowing.

Incompetence in the halls of the PNP now appears to be the order of the day, with no sanction for these major blunders which is not only costing us millions, but is destroying our reputation on the international scene.

Its no wonder FDI plunged 7% as no one wants to deal with a bunch of incompetent novices who signs on the dotted lines as long as you the ” investors”  says this is  US millions investments that will bring many jobs, then ask questions later.


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