NHT Board members should buy Outameni, its a great investment !

There are at least two current NHT board members who said publicly that the Outameni property is probably one of he best investments that was ever made by the NHT.

Now that the property is being put up for sale, I think Lambert Brown and Percical LaTouche should go the commercial bank and take out a loan and purchase the property from NHT.

They both believe it was a great investment, so they really should be able to get a good deal from the NHT and so would be able to make millions off this property, when the decide to sell it a few years from now

Go for it guys !

Its a great investment when you use tax payers money, but not such a great investment if you have to use your own funds or borrowed funds, is it.

Jamaicans stop be so docile, this is the reason we are in the hole we find ourselves


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