IMF predicts economic growth for St Kitts-Nevis.

BASSETERRE, St Kitts-Nevis (CMC) – The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says St Kitts-Nevis is at a turning point where the twin island Federation has the opportunity to establish itself on a sustainable long-term growth pattern.

An IMF delegation has just ended a two week visit to the island and it said in order to achieve that goal, St Kitts-Nevis would have to make “difficult decisions and careful choices to preserve the hard-earned gains.

“It will also require continued fiscal discipline and the implementation of structural reforms to expand growth potential,” said Judith Gold, who headed the mission.

She said macroeconomic conditions improved significantly over 2013 and 2014 and that the economy recorded two years of strong growth, averaging about six per cent annually, the strongest in the region by far.

Point to note about St Kitts and Nevis ( Jay’s comments)

  1. IMF is predicting growth, come on guys it is already happening.
  2. When St Kitts went to the IMF the debt to GDP ratio was higher than Jamaica
  3. There is Zero yes NO income tax on earnings in St Kitts and Nevis
  4. There is no education tax, no nht tax, nothing of the sorts
  5. There is Social Security Tax ( Similar to NIS)
  6. There is a social levy ( Used to pay employees if a company should close their doors and flee without paying redundancy.
  7. There is free education up to high school level.
  8. There is free healthcare including medication at the public hospital ( There is only one JNF)
  9. The per capita income is US$20,300 almost 4 times that of Jamaica
  10. Government Ministers do NOT get government cars, they pay for their own . Prime Minister is an exception
  11. Government Ministers live in their own homes and in their constituencies( yes small country so easier), they do not get housing paid for by the state. Exception is the Prime Minister
  12.  Government ministers are not provided with security details. Exception is the Prime Minister

Now how I know the country is only 44,000 people strong, but how are the able to do all they are doing without collecting income tax, which is the main source of income in Jamaica.

Do you see where they spend their monies and where they don’t. Now compare to us at the macro level, where do we spend, leaving very little for where it really ought to be spent.

Labour party was in power for nearly 20 years, but at the end they have something to show for it, I cannot say the same about the PNP, because what we have is pain , misery  and poverty


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