How can we get rid of the PNP and its corrupt practices, pays $4m to review a $1m job

The Contractor General has reveal that the company of former PNP MP and Chairman of the NHT was paid $4m in consultation fee  to review three valuation reports , when the sum of all three  worth only $1m.

Caught in a lie, they further compounded the issue by saying it was for legal work, when the company is not registered as a law firm and as could NOT have provided legal work to the UDC.

This is the PNP at its corrupt best and its no wonder the economy is where it is when they are in power and the primary reason public sector workers are unable to get any meaningful increase.

This party is corrupt to the core and explains the reason Jamaica is where it is today, we truly love corruption and the party that best epitomizes what that is.


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