The Private Sector should lower prices to assist public sector workers

I note the comments coming from various sections of the private sector asking or more like advising that public sector workers accept the government measly offer of a  5 percent wage increase over two years, given the tough fiscal position the country finds itself in today.

I am not surprised  about the comments from the private sector , as this group have never really sought to hold this government accountable for anything, including the bad state the country is in after close to 25 years of PNP rule.

I think the Private Sector should go a step further than simply calling on the police and teachers to hold strain, in fact I think the Private Sector under the leadership of Dennis Chung, should find ways to lower prices of good and services to all Jamaicans as a way of easing the economic burden now facing the country.

The Private sector should be willing to accept lower profit margins and lower prices to reduce the inflationary pressure their actions has caused in the past and keep this position until the economy begins to see growth and peoples earnings are able to pay for the price increases.

The above in mind is the private sector putting their money where their mouth is, but will that ever happen?


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