Private Sector selfish call on public sector workers, or is there something else at play

The call by the private sector for public sector workers to accept 5% over two years and move on , appears to have ticked off teachers, but is there more to the call than meets the eye?

I believe the call by the private sector groups and if accepted by public sectors workers, will actually have implications for private sector workers, more than the public sector workers.

The private sector has often ( as it sees fit) uses signal from the government wage negotiations as a benchmark for salary increases in that sector. This means therefore, that the lower the increase granted by the government, the lower the private sector wage offer will be given the signal from that large group.

It therefore stands to reason, that the reasons like inflationary pressure, IMF conditionalities  are not the primary reason the private sector bosses wants the largest group of workers to accept the government wage offer. The  real reason is the private sector wants a signal to lower even further wages to its set of workers and the public sector accepting 5% over two years would the perfect platform on which to do so.

These unions having accepted 5% from the government, would be in no real position to demand more from the private sector having already been compromised by the accepting of that GOJ offer, leaving the private sector in a nice position to push for lower wages.

So folks there you have it, there is always more than what meets the eye.


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