Andrew Holness, Pleeeezee ,stay out of the passport fee increase matter

Andrew Holness is a man who seems not to know when he is to speak vs when he ought not to speak. He is said to be an educated man, but not politically smart as Portia, who though not well educated is politically smart.

I saw Andrew Holness at the passport office today speaking and held my head in shame as I could not believe that the opposition could believe that a matter of this nature could be one of national importance.

How did this simply $2,000 fee increase become such a hot button issue is beyond me and to see the opposition leader on TV making “much” of this matter is a real disappointment. I would rather Mr Holness go and spend the time trying to repair what is left of his broken down party, in preparation for the 2021 elections, given the 2016 one is clearly out of their grasp.

Andrew  is such a disappointment, he make Portia seems like a genius.


2 Responses

  1. Like seriously, Jay? I have ALWAYS said in this blog that Holness is clueless…can’t believe you are agreeing with me…well wonders never cease

  2. can he survive a JLP loss at the elections…. why no noise about local government elections.. aren’t they due now ?

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